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5 of Best Teeth Whitening Kits including Manchester Veneers

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Teeth Whitening Kit

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A confident smile that displays your pearly white teeth can go a long way.  A beaming smile or a wide grin can help you in landing that plum job you’ve been eyeing for long or in winning over a prospective mate. Whitening your teeth via a whitening strip or mouth guard, will give you the self-confidence to flaunt your sparkling white teeth as you break into a full-throated laughter.

Whitening teeth for flashing a radiant smile is indispensable to not only gain social acceptance and accentuate your persona but also to keep them free from stains. As you grow older, the natural sheen and whiteness of your teeth begin to fade and they develop stains as you feast on mouthwatering dishes and down endless cups of coffee or tea. There are a variety of products for restoring the original white color of the gnashers, including toothpastes and best whitening kits. Get the contact information of expert dental professionals here.

Choosing a DIY teeth whitening kit for use at home or in any other place you feel convenient, works out cheaper than visiting a dentist for surgical treatment. You can check this link right here now to know more about the benefits and risks of using teeth whitening kits before you buy one.

How Does a Teeth Whitener Works?

Many individuals find it hard to believe that simply applying a whitening gel or strip can actually whiten teeth when one has to wait for hours at a dental clinic for undergoing an expensive treatment. So, the question that inevitably arises in the minds of these individuals is-can a teeth whitening kit help in making the incisors sparkle? And in case they do, how effectively will they be?

The teeth whitening gels or strips contain chemicals with bleaching properties for getting rid of ugly stains and blemishes on teeth. You’d need to apply the product at least once in a day for a fixed period for doing away with the stains. Once the stains are cleared, the natural luster of your teeth is reinstated. Since the ingredients mix and their proportion, mainly carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, varies from product to product, the results too will differ.

Evaluating a Best Teeth Whitening Kit

Before you get down to searching for the best tooth whitening brand that’ll be appropriate for you, bear in mind that these products cannot substitute or replace toothpastes and toothbrushes. Simply put, you cannot use whitening kits for taking routine care of your dental structure or for treating cavities, tartar or gingivitis. Teeth whitening kits are formulated exclusively for bringing back the shine of your teeth.

If you wish to get the best out of a whitening kit for teeth, you’d have to take good care of your teeth and gums, like brushing twice daily. You can think of using a whitener only when your teeth are healthy and in perfect shape. The best tooth whitening kit 2017 comes equipped with all the tools you may require for showing off pearly, glowing teeth; so you don’t need to purchase any extra product or supplement. You can read here for some parameters by which you can assess the efficacy of the best teeth whitening kits of 2017.

  • Tools: Majority of the teeth whitening kit brands either contains a single tool or a complete set of tools. Some kits simply have strips reinforced with gels, some kits contain a set of lip balm, whitening gel, and mouth trays while other kits come with lip ointment, whitening gel, and mouthpiece or molded mouthpiece.

Then again, few products (recommended by a reputable peabody dentist) contain mouthpieces that have built-in whitening light and some models just have a whitening pen for removing deep-seated stains. Some products supply you with a shade scale for gauging the whiteness level after each application.

  • Comfort: Improving the teeth’s whiteness is not something that can be achieved overnight. Since to achieve desired results take time, the mouth trays should fit properly and not make you feel uncomfortable while you wear these. On the other hand, you should be able to drink water or take some kinds of food with the strips or trays tethered to your teeth.

The gels should not contain any corrosive chemicals that may adversely react with the teeth enamel or gums and should taste pleasant instead of causing a burning sensation.

  • Performance: At the least, the best teeth whitening kit should excel in doing what it was designed for in the first place: clear away the extrinsic as well as deep-rooted stains eventually reestablishing the whitishness of the teeth. At the same time, the product should be backed by valid certifications and approvals from relevant clinical authorities guaranteeing that it is perfectly safe for all areas of the oral cavity.
  • Customer Support: Reputed and established manufacturers will always stand by their products supplying you with instructions booklets or manuals. Moreover, they’ve several points of contact including a mail id and phone number as well as social media profiles.

Reviewing the 5 Best Whitening Kits

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Teeth Whitening KitCrest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Teeth Whitening Kit

Results visible in 3-4 days
See Price
Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle RoutineCrest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine

Only 5 minutes of usage per day
See Price
Viatek Hollywood Smiles Plasma Teeth WhitenerViatek Hollywood Smiles Plasma Teeth Whitener

Includes an additional whitening pen
See Price
Cool Teeth Whitening Kit 44%Cool Teeth Whitening Kit 44%

Moldable mouthpieces
See Price
Tanda 90300 Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening SystemTanda 90300 Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System

Results visible in 1st 2 days itself
See Price

1. Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Teeth Whitening Kit

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Teeth Whitening KitCrest has been in the teeth whitening industry for as long as one can remember and is easily the leading seller of whitening strips. Of all the various types of whitening strips that Crest offers, the 3D Professional Effects Whitestrips is the most popular for two practical reasons. The product is effortlessly easy to use on one hand and on the other produces exceptional results provided you follow the applications instructions thoroughly.

The strips have been crafted out of food grade polyethylene rendering them completely safe for the gums and the enamel. You can drink water while you’re wearing the strips.


  • 20 pairs of strips (40 in total) each pair to be applied to the upper and lower sets of teeth respectively for about half an hour.
  • Entire teeth whitening process using the strips lasts for about 3 weeks or 20 days
  • Start noticing the results within 3-4 days
  • Strips fit comfortably and firmly to the teeth, thanks to the superior SEAL technology.


  • Taking advantage of the kit is superbly easy: just apply the strip pair on upper and lower sets of teeth, let them stay for 30 minutes before peeling off
  • You can clearly see your teeth turning a shade whiter by the end of the 3rd or 4th day
  • Advanced SEAL technology ensures that the strips stay firmly attached instead of coming unstuck
  • You can carry on with your normal activities with the strips plastered
  • Teeth safe/food grade polyethylene has been used for making the strips: your teeth, enamel and gums remain thoroughly safe
  • The whitening gel in the strips do not contain any harmful chemicals that might react in any way with the oral cavity


  • One has to wait too long to see the effects: many individuals may not prefer to put on the strips for half an hour for 20 days at a stretch
  • The kit may not be suitable for using by individuals who have sensitive teeth
  • One has to take too many precautions before and after use
  • The size of the strips meant for upper teeth are not identical to the ones for lower teeth

2. Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle RoutineTooth sensitivity can make a big difference while you’re in the process of reviewing different teeth whitening products and ultimately choosing one that’d be appropriate. If your teeth are particularly sensitive to oral care products but you still can’t resist the temptation of whitening them and giving them a glossy look, go for the Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine. You’d need to be patient if you wish to get the best out of this product as you’ll be required to use the strips for nearly a month, 28 days to be precise.


  • Concentration of the active whitening agent used in the strips-hydrogen peroxide-is approximately 3-7%
  • Keep the strips plastered to your teeth for only 5 minutes
  • Strip is very gentle on your teeth, enamel, gum, and other areas of the mouth
  • Clearing away the stains effectively
  • Strips are equipped with the patented Advanced Seal Technology


  • Specifically suitable for whitening of sensitive teeth as the hydrogen peroxide concentration is mild between 3-7%
  • Works effectively to remove stains that are deep-rooted: intrinsic stain remover and teeth whitener
  • Just need to keep the strips tethered for not more 5 minutes everyday
  • The ingredients in the gel are chemically inert and hence are completely safe for teeth enamel and gums
  • There are 28 pairs of strips (56 strips in total), 14 pairs each for upper and lower teeth sets respectively: teeth glisten and look spotlessly white in less than a month


  • Some customers have complained that using the product didn’t make much of a difference: the peroxide concentration is not high enough to remove stains
  • The product is a tad too expensive given that it simply comprises of strips filled with gel

3. Viatek Hollywood Smiles Plasma Teeth Whitener

Viatek Hollywood Smiles Plasma Teeth WhitenerIf you’re looking for a teeth whitening kit that is as effective as any advanced surgical procedure then don’t look any further than the Hollywood Smiles Plasma Teeth Whitener. Hollywood Smiles from Viatek takes advantage of Plasma Technology for eliminating stains from deep within leaving your teeth pristinely white. The glistening whiteness lasts long after you’ve stopped fitting the mouthpiece onto the teeth.


  • Main component of the Viatek Hollywood Smiles is the ergonomically designed mouthpiece
  • Sensitivity suppressing agents in the gel keep your enamel and gums blister free
  • Makes the teeth somewhat insensitive to cold.
  • Mouthpiece comes with a built-in light that stimulates the gel’s stain removal and whitening capabilities.
  • Whitening pen is provided for acting on areas that are hard to reach via the mouthpiece.


  • The effective treatment period is just one week: much less than other comparable teeth whiteners
  • Teeth stay white and shining much longer than the treatment period
  • Whitening gel contains sensitivity numbing elements for blister-free action
  • Shade guide lets you instantly evaluate the results
  • Whitening pen helps in eradicating stains from areas deep within
  • Using the mouthpiece twice daily makes your teeth many shades whiter within an hour
  • Whitening light for intensifying the action of the gel
  • The gel which needs to be applied moderately doesn’t have any distinguishable taste and therefore leave behind any aftertaste


  • The mouthpiece is not moldable and hence may not properly fit on every user’s teeth
  • Instructions for using the product are insufficient
  • The lights may become dysfunctional after using the mouthpiece for a few sessions

4. Cool Teeth Whitening Kit 44% with 10 Syringes 1 White Light 2 Trays 1 Shade Guide and Instruction Sheet

Cool Teeth Whitening Kit 44%Opting for the teeth whitening kit from Cool not only spares you from the hassle of visiting a dentist but also offers excellent results at a fraction of the cost of any dental treatment procedure. This DIY Cool teeth whitening kit needs to be used for a maximum of 1 week and you can start seeing the results in the first couple of days. There are two mouthpieces, one each for fitting on the upper and lower teeth sets respectively.


  • Squeeze the gel contained in the applicator pens into the teeth slots onto the heat trays and thereafter fit them onto the upper and lower sections.
  • Moldable mouthpieces can be fitted in a manner that the action of the gel is effective on entire teeth surface.
  • Whitening light is focused on the teeth long after you’ve taken off the trays


  • Expect the whitening kit to show exceptional results at the end of just 7 days; teeth are a couple of shades whiter and brighter
  • The mouthpieces are moldable making customized fitting possible: gel has an uniform action on exposed area of the teeth
  • Separate whitener light gadget for enhancing the effects of the gel
  • Gel tubes 10 in number can be easily squeezed open for a controlled release enabling the placing of identical amount on every tooth slot
  • There is nothing distasteful as far as the flavor or tang of the gel is concerned


  • The absence of a whitening pen that helps in removing stains from inaccessible areas will be felt by many users
  • To use the shade guide, the user has to log on to the manufacturer’s website
  • Some chemicals in the gel may have a burning effect and the gums might tingle

5. Tanda 90300 Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System

Tanda 90300 Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening SystemTanda 90300 Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System comes in supremely handy when you need to whiten teeth and make them radiant in a very short span of time. Prospective users would be delighted to know that the results outlast the treatment period as teeth stays perfectly white long after one has stopped using the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece has been designed in a manner that they easily fit without becoming loose later on. Using or maintaining the Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System is easy because of the fewer number of components.


  • Whitening kit comprises of just a few components including 20 units of Ionic gel applicator tubes & a mouthpiece device that are simple to use.
  • Treatment process lasts for just a week but you can expect to see results within the first 2 days.
  • Two mouthpieces have been fused making them appear as only one.
  • Applicator tubes are easy to squeeze open and the controlled flow helps in pouring exactly the same amount of liquid in every slot.


  • Expect teeth to become a shade or two higher within 5 minutes of the first application
  • Checks buildup of tartar, fights halitosis, and clears away stains intrinsically
  • The user doesn’t have to deal with several components: the kit consists of one mouthpiece and a set of gel applicator tubes
  • The treatment technique is not drawn-out: the application procedure is complete in 7 days
  • Expect your teeth to whiten considerably at the end of the 2nd day


  • Some discomfiture may be felt like teeth and gum sensitivity owing to the chemicals in the gel
  • There are no shade guide, whitening pen or light which could have made the treatment process more effective
  • The mouthpiece is not moldable
  • The kit is criminally expensive


Selecting and reviewing 5 of the best teeth whitening kits was evidently an onerous and complicated task as there were too many teeth whitening products each one as good as the other. Each and every product reviewed above was assessed against a prescribed set of quality parameters including performance, comfortableness of application, the number of components, and customer support. For those who are interested to have veneers, feel free to visit

If you’re on the lookout for a product that doesn’t come with a large set of components, is remarkably easy to use, has practically no to minimal side-effects, go for the whitening kits of Crest or the Viatek Hollywood Smiles Plasma Teeth Whitener. The kit from Cool is very affordable costing less than $30.00 but has many components. The Tanda Pearl Kit offers excellent results but is exorbitantly priced at nearly $200.

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