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Reviews on Best Portable Vaporizers for Marijuana

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New to Vaporizers? Revival Vape is a best resource for you.

When it comes to inhaling cannabis, known by several monikers including weed, hashish, ganja, dope, and hemp, you can either smoke it or draw in the vapors using a vaporizer. Though it is still intensely debated whether it is preferable to smoke or vape marihuana, you can consider making a switch to vaping if you have been smoking the weed for some years now. Read more at Following are some good reasons why you should switchover to inhaling the vapors of the weed rather than roll out a big stick for smoking:-

  1. Vaporization produces vapors and does not burn the weed which means carcinogens are not produced which could affect your lungs
  2. Though it takes some time to feel the high and get carried away when you vape, the effects and intenseness of the flavor are stronger and last longer
  3. Since vaporization produces less smoke compared to smoking, chances of suffering from emphysema, lung cancer, and other grave disorders are remarkably lessened
  4. Risks of suffering dental issues from vaping are much less compared to smoking and the smell does not linger on either
  5. Vaping buds allows you to reuse the same for preparing food items and savories
  6. Vaping works out cheaper than smoking cannabis

Coming to the aspect of choosing a vaporizer, which type is the most suitable for getting the strongest highs? Though there are different strains of cannabis and not all are suitable for vaping. For people that smoke too much and can’t let it go can visit for more information about recovery.

A Clearomizer or Cartomizer is Most Suitable for Vaping

If you’re based in Canada, you have weed delivered directly to your home when you best buy weed online Toronto. Go for a vaping pen if you want to make the most of the strong flavor of the weed. The vaping pen is actually a vaporizer which contains oil for heating marijuana that has been exclusively dried and packaged for using in an oil cartridge. It is this cartridge that is referred to as a clearomizer or cartomizer. Butane Hash Oil (BHO) also referred to as ‘dabs’ is the chief active component of the cartridge.

You’ll find a clearomizer at any store or outlet selling medically approved cannabis. A good quality vaporizer is capable of vaping both the herbs and the extracts, and heats up the weed in approximately 15-20 seconds readying the same for inhalation of the vapors.  In order to switch to vaporizing leafy herbs from the waxy concentrate, you’ll simply have to replace or change the bottom insert. If you are new to vaping you might want to check this innokin adept zlide kit.

Set the vaporizer at a temperature of 338˚F or 170˚C so the vaporizing marijuana releases ‘tetrahydracannabinol’ or cannabinoid-the psychotropic substance that gives you the highs-to the max. Premium vape pens nowadays come with apps for presetting the temperature, which you can be downloaded on modern-day digital handheld devices. You’ll come across a wide variety of vaping pens, some of which are topnotch while the rest are more affordable.

5 Topnotch Vaporizers for Hashish or Cannabis

1.Volcano Crafty by Storz & Bickel

The Volcano Crafty from Storz & Bezel follows in the line of its big bro, The Mighty. This vaporizer is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a vape while on the move. Using this vape is convenient as it comes with just a single button while the rest can be monitored easily via an app.

There are two options for selecting temp-one by default and the other for increasing temperature.

What you’ll like about Volcano Crafty

  • App which can be monitored remotely via iOS and Android devices for choosing various settings as per personal preferences
  • An integrated chamber capable of holding up to 1.4cm3 of weed
  • Flipping mouthpiece with the cooling unit delivers soothing aroma and essence
  • Conveniently concealable in a pocket or hoodie
  • Temperature can be changed while on the go ranging from 104F to 410F

2.Haze V3 Dual Bowl Vaporizer

There are very few vapes that comes equipped with a dual bowl system and the Haze V3 happens to be one of them. At the same, this is a premium product that can vaporize wax, oily, and dry cannabis. You’ll simply warm up to the intensity of the flavor and lingering aroma of the vapors.

The temperature can be controlled through the proprietary heat exchanger system.

What you’ll like about Haze V3

  • Four distinct options for regulating temperature
  • Capability to vape different variations of weed
  • Plethora of add-ons to take advantage of including two each of conduction screens, convection screens, all-purpose cans, and e-liquid pads
  • Single selector switch
  • LED indicators indicates the temp level

3.Arizer Extreme Q


The Extreme Q vaporizer innovated by Arizer is a revolutionary vape which boasts of a dual vaping system and is eminently affordable. You can get a real high either by using the whip attachment or the ballooning bag.

What you’ll like about Arizer Extreme Q

  • A trio of heat sensors
  • Conveniently controllable via remote control
  • Dual function mode-balloon bag/whip attachment
  • Redesigned fan that works silently

4.Magic Flight Box with Sunshine Pick (Cherry with Sunshine Pick)

The Magic Flight Box with Sunshine Pick is one of the most budget-friendly vapes available in the market. However, the affordability of the product does not imply that it compromises on the performance front. You can vaporize marijuana buds in it either at home or while you are on the go.

The hashish vapors that you inhale are remarkably heady. This vaporizing box from Magic Flight has a timeless and classic appeal owing to its wooden built. The product is driven by a powerful, rechargeable battery.

What you will like about Magic Flight Box

  • Eye-catching looks-constructed from maple, walnut, and cherry woods with metallic accents
  • Strong vapors that are very stimulating and invigorating
  • Gets heated rapidly without making a fuss
  • Stays odor-free
  • Using the product as recommended by the manufacturer prolongs its active lifespan

Using a Vaporizer

1.Charge the vape fully when using for the first time

All the vaporizers that have been listed and reviewed in this article are supplied with rechargeable batteries. And almost all the products are delivered to customers in a partially charged state, sufficient for a few initial inhalations. However, you’d have to charge the battery for several hours before you can start using the vaporizer on a habitual basis.

If your vape pen runs on lithium-ion battery, you can charge or recharge the battery anytime you feel like. You do not need to wait for the battery to drain its entire charge before you can plug in the charger.

2.Go through the manual

Majority of vapers simply tend to ignore going through the instructions manual or handbook provided with the product, considering it to be a futile exercise. Instead of unreasonably assuming that your vape is versatile, just cursorily glancing through the manual will save you a lot of trouble eventually. At least, you’ll have a clear idea whether the vape is compatible with prefilled oil cartridges, flowers, mixed oil (propylene-glycol mix and oil) or wax.

3.Dry run first for sterilizing the factory leftovers

Like most other vapers, step out and plug in the vape setting it at the highest temperature calibration, allowing it to stand for about 1 and a half minute. Go for a dry run, i.e. do not put any oil or herb inside the chamber. Dry running the vape first makes sure that all factory flotsam are cleared out.

4.Fill the tank

There are many ways of vaporizing marihuana, and how you do it obviously depends upon your vape’s functionality and features. Using a Voom Labs vape, you could simply attach a disposable cartridge preloaded with oil to the battery; you can smear some shatter or wax on the cartomizer wick or fill the vape chamber with oil mix that slowly trickles or oozes out to settle on the atomizer. You can also put in flowers of the weed inside the chamber or position these on the clearomizer which is then heated to release the vapors.

5.Enjoy your first puffs albeit gently

Your vape could be powered on just by inhaling while some vaporizers have a button switch that needs to be pressed for turning them on. Quality vapes come with LED indicators for signaling that the unit is getting heated. After the vaporizer attains the preset temperature, draw in the vapors by putting your lips on the mouthpiece.

In case you are a first-timer, try to restrict your urge to inhale a high volume-remember it is not your usual medical nebulizer, but extremely potent weed delivery paraphernalia. Maintain a time gap in between your puffs instead of inhaling continuously that could make you overly dizzy.

6.Take good care of your vape

Your vape comes with components that can be dismantled or detached, enabling the unit to be cleaned and tidied up thoroughly for subsequent intakes. Directions for cleaning and maintaining the vaporizer are clearly outlined in the instructions booklet-read the steps thoroughly.

Other Kinds of Vaporizers

You could take advantage of numerous other types of vapes apart from vape pens for getting a high from cannabinoids. Consider the following categories of vaporizers:-

1.Tabletop or desktop vapes

The oil-based, wax-based, and plant-based vape pens that are widely used today for smoking marijuana or rather inhaling the weed vapors have evolved from tabletop/desktop vapes. The tabletop, box-styled unit was the first type of vape that was largely used indoors for enjoying a cannabinoids stimulation/intoxication. A desktop vape is supremely suitable for medical patients, weed enthusiasts and aficionados who wish to make the most of antipsychotic effects of THC at home or indoors.

A boxed vaporizer for using at home can cost up to ten times more than a pen-styled unit and is many times larger as well.

2.Stealth vapes

Stealth vaporizers are somewhat similar to vape pens, and many brands double up as such. The features and functionality of stealth vapes are also largely same as pen units but it is their furtiveness that makes them unique and distinctive-you can easily hide the gadget even while taking the inhalations.


   Hookahs originated from India and were also used extensively in the Middle East and Africa. A hookah is a smoking and vaporizing instrument usually with multiple or a single stem. Although the vapors that are inhaled are filtered over a water bowl, the smoke is still laden with enough toxins, mostly carbon monoxide that could adversely affect your health. At the same time, hookahs are not at all portable, like vape pens, and you would a steady supply of charcoal (apart from water of course) that might not always be readily available.


Chillums that are either shaped like a straight cylindrical or a conical channel have been hugely popular in India since the 18th cent, largely used by sadhus and Hindu monks. You fire up a ball of the weed, slot it in the furrow along with a small pebble for filtering the debris before you can inhale the vapors.

Accessories and Add-ons for Vaporizers

When it comes to purchasing a portable vaporizer, you’ll have to proceed to a physical shop or outlet as most of the online stores do not sell the unit via the web. However, there are some useful add-ons (to go with your vape pen) for which you can place an online order.

Carry Case for Vape Pens

1.Stash Vape Case, Premium Vape Bag, Portable Vape Pen Case, Vape Travel Case, E-Juice Holder, E-Cig Pouch, Mech Mod, PAX, Aspire (Red Plaid)

What you’ll like about the Stash Vape Case

  • Spaciousness-2 large zippered openings and a front pocket with netting to stock e-cigarette, vaporizer
  • Hardiness-Check-styled suede material for safeguarding vapes and reinforced stitches with belt loops for keeping the case in place.
  • Versatile and portable-Belt loop for strapping on the waist through a large karabiner
  • Adaptable-Can store various brands of vaporizers.

2.Vape Case Box Mod Holder, Premium E-Cig Vape Bag, Portable E-Cig Case, Vape Travel Case, PAX, Aspire, Sigelei, Alien 220w Box Mod Case, E-Juice (Green)


What you’ll like about the Vape Case Box Mod Holder

  •  Roomy front pocket for throwing in extra wire and wicker cotton
  • Two looped slings with a meshed pocket for holding e liquids, e-juice and vape juice
  • Pouches are easily accessible via 2 zippers
  • Oversized karabiner and lanyard for dangling on waist or around the neck

Two Premium Grinders for Weed

1.SMART CRUSHER 5 piece Herb Pollen Grinder + 5 piece Pollen Press with Pollen Scraper


With the 5 piece Herb/Pollen Smart Crusher, you can expect a super fine grind, regardless of whether you’re grinding tobacco snuff, coffee beans or weed, if you are a tobacco fan, you might want to check The razor-sharp teeth are ideal for a good grind without pushing yourself too hard. The meshed stainless steel screen catches the fine dust that results from grinding. The magnetic closure lid retains the freshness and essence of herbs, locks in the flavors, and prevents spills.

What you’ll like about the Smart Crusher Herb Pollen Grinder with Pollen Scraper

  • 3-in-1 grinder-The Smart Crusher becomes a 4piece/5-piece grinder when you take out the pollen catcher
  • Sharp grinding teeth for herbs, pollens, flowers, buds, and beans
  • Made from durable materials
  • Supremely portable
  • Locks in the flavors and checks spillage

2. SPACE CASE Grinder Sifter Magnetic 4 Pc. Medium Titanium


The Space Case Grinder Sifter is a premium herb crusher/weed grinder that hardcore vapers will instantly fall for once they espy it. There are multiple microscopic holes in the top chamber that grind the material to a fine shred before the same passes smoothly onto the catcher. This grinder sure is expensive but once you buy it, you can rest assured that you will never have the need for another.

What you’ll like about Space Case Grinder

  • 4-piece grinder with strainer
  • Magnetic closure top that prevents spills and keeps the flavor intact
  • Precision machined
  • Durable built-Designed to perform and stay in service for years

Prepping Ganja for Vaporizing

The only to ensure (which is also the best) that you have access to the finest grade of weed for vaporizing is to grow marihuana yourself. Since possessing a limited quantity is now legal, you can cultivate the weed in your backyard in a grow space. You can research on the net on how to harvest the weed-you will come across numerous tutorial sites that offer complete details about what you will need for your backyard, hydroponic or indoor garden as well as instructions on how to cultivate the weed in a manner so that you reap a rich harvest.

After harvesting the weed, you will have to desiccate it as effectively as possible. You can trim the buds manually using a hand trimmer or pruner if your harvested quantity is small. On the other hand, if the volume is significant, opting for a mechanical bud trimmer or machine is the way to go.

Once you have trimmed the buds and dried them, grind the same using a grinder or crusher-two models have been mentioned above.

Why Vaporize in the First Place?

  • Smoking your weed on a routine basis will inevitably lead to persistent coughing which can be irritating more often than not
  • You will often run from pillar to post in search of a lighter or matchbox whenever you wish to smoke pot
  • Risks of contracting lung cancer, heart disease, and other grave ailments is minimized
  • You just cannot start smoking anywhere you wish to, mostly in public but inhaling on a vaporizer is still acceptable in many places

There is enough circumstantial evidence to back up the claim that vaping is safer than smoking cannabis from the perspective of health.

Celebrity Vapers

You may a have a thing for celebrities or may not but you cannot disregard the fact that they certainly do have a big hand in popularizing a trend. Following is a list of luminaries who are high on vaping:-

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio
  2. Jack Nicholson
  3. Katy Perry
  4. Lindsay Lohan
  5. Charlie Sheen
  6. Katherine Heigl
  7. Johnny Depp
  8. John Cusack
  9. Courtney Love
  10.  Kate Moss

Rustling Up Savories with Vaporized Weed

Whenever you think about using the weed as a culinary ingredient, muffins and donuts tend to float in your mind. Nevertheless, cannabis has long been used for spicing up dishes and drinks in many countries around the world. In Thailand, marijuana flowers and leaves, in dried and grinded form is used for flavoring boat noodle soup. In India, cannabis paste is poured and stirred in sweetened drinks during Holi-the festival of colors.

Additionally, the weed is used as an ingredient while making dough for kachoris, samosas and bhajis, and other savories. Cannabis is also spiked in brandies and rums for stepping up the kick one gets after a couple of aperitifs. Restaurants in California and Colorado are serving a la carte dinners and lunches where the dishes have been reinforced with cannabis. You can also get cannabis delivery by visiting

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