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Reviews on Best Bud Trimmer Machines

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The cannabis industry is going through a transitional phase. There used to be a time, not very long ago when large scale cultivation and harvesting of marijuana was completely outlawed. However, over the past three decades possession of marijuana in low quantities, specifically for medicinal use has been legalized in several countries around the world. That essentially means you can now grow hashish or ganja in your backyard or in an indoor grow space for your own needs as well as for supplying to a select group of customers.

However, you need to be a diligent indoor grower or hydroponic cultivator in order to harvest the flowering plant on a limited scale. You will have to follow all the necessary steps in order to make the weed grow and develop healthily. Once the plants start maturing, buds will appear, signaling that your cannabis yield is ready.

For reaping a rich harvest, you’ll need to trim the buds very meticulously. The task of trimming or pruning is easy if you’ve just a handful of plants-it can be achieved using a pair of quality shears or manual garden trimmers. On the other hand, if you have an entire cannabis garden to harvest, you’ll surely need a performance oriented mechanical hand pruner or trimming machine.

Hand Trimmers

1.     iPower GLTRIMBOWL16M 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Twisted Spin Cut for Plant Bud and Flower, with UPGRADED Gears

Trimming your cannabis buds becomes a child’s play and enjoyable with the iPower GLTRIMBOWL16M 16-inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Twisted Spin Cut for Plant Bud and Flower. The plasticized is transparent for facilitating visibility; the handle turner is detachable helping in convenient storage, and the grille is separable as well that aids in getting the job done swiftly and deftly. Use this bowl-styled pruner for nipping buds, clip overgrown leaves, and trimming twigs from tender plants.

This leaf bowl trimmer from iPower taps the power of 30 shears at the same time all embedded in the unit. The unit features a set of cable-styled blades and 1 blade with a straight edge.

2.  Growtent Garden 19-inch Bud Trimmer Hydroponic Bowl Leaf Trimmer Spin Cut Plant Bud Flower Hash

The Growtent Garden Bud Trimmer/Hydroponic Bowl Leaf Trimmer is an effective manual trimmer, as efficient as the iPower model and features a bowl with a greater diameter-19 inches. You get a combination of pruning blades-razor blade, wire blade, and serrated blade-along with scissors. The cutting or trimming blades can be adjusted as per your requirements and preference.

You are spared from the hassle of having to take off the bowl cover to see the results of your trimming as the basin is ultra transparent, enabling you to see everything clearly. The metallic gear box is durable enough to last for several years on end. This bud trimmer from Growtent Garden too has 30 shearing blades all built into a single unit that are ideal for sprucing leaves, pruning tendrils, and removing leaves in your marijuana grow room.

3.    The Triminator DRY – Trimming Machine

If you have large indoor cannabis garden and into full scale commercial cultivation of marihuana, then the Triminator Dry Trimming Machine is your best bet. The Triminator costs a ton, but you will be able to recoup your investments within a few years time. This is one trimming machine that can cut, spruce, nick, and trim fast, real fast. At the same time, the unit can be operated for hours on end and without cleaning the interiors.

The machine has been assembled from premium grade of components which guarantees heavy-duty performance for as long as you need. This trimming appliance comes handy for dry bud nipping-a process which preserves the cannabis’ buds’ heady aroma and natural color. The top features of this dry mechanical trimmer include an automatic timer, detachable trim bin, collapsible wheels, and a rotator drum.

4.     The Clean Cut M-6000S Series Bowl Leaf Trimmer M-6000SBU 16-inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Spin Cut Twigs Plant Bud Flower Leaf

The Clean Cut M-6000S Series Bowl Leaf Trimmer M-6000SBU Leaf Bowl Trimmer comes with adaptable trimming blades. The bowl with a 16-inch diameter is fully transparent allowing you to easily witness cutting, slashing, and hacking. The gear box is fully metallic which makes it remarkably hardy, Take advantage of the combined trimming power of 20 shears embedded in a single unit as well as make the most of 1 serrated blade and 1 razor blade, both made of stainless steel.

Bud Barber Trimmer

The Bud Barber Trimmer comes equipped with two chief components-a trimming rod and a vacuuming section. A speed regulator controls the vacuum which is linked with the trimming shaft to accord suctioning power to the latter. You can adjust the force of suction depending on the hardness or softness of the buds.

Mean Green Trimming Machine 12″ Pro Dry Trimmer

The 12” Mean Green Trimming Machine is an eminently suitable for dry trimming of cannabis buds. This bud trimming machine which sports a digital timer with three speed settings, can perfectly cut a couple of units in 1 hour. The mild rolling motion is appropriate for a tight trim.

There are extra blades that help complete the trimming operation faster and these blades made out of stainless steel, do not need to be sharpened. Casters or wheels attached to the trimming machine come handy for moving the equipment and there are safety switches which automatically stops the contraption when you take off the lid.

Wet Bud or Dry Bud Trimming? Tips for Effective Trimming

Indoor gardeners and hydroponic cultivators are divided on wet trimming and dry trimming. The most palpable downside of wet bud trimming is that the entire process tends to be quite messy and muddling. On the other hand, wet trimming is preferred by many harvesters as the technique helps you in reaping quality buds that gives a voluminous and quality yield.

Dry buds which are definitely harder to trim using a hand trimmer can be nipped comfortably using a machine. In case you happen to live in a region that has a dry climate, you can first dry the marijuana. Drying the weed in a gradual manner without removing the leaves is a recommended technique.

Equipment You May Need

You’ll have to put on gloves even if trimming is done mechanically in order to safeguard the skin from resin, the sticky, inflammable, and insoluble organic substance exuded by the marijuana plant. Wearing gloves also keeps the quality of the buds intact. Nevertheless, ensure that the gloves are a perfect fit.

Use a clothesline, meshed rack or nonstick cookie tray for dehydrating the buds.

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