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Top 10 Gift Items for those who are hooked on weed

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Offering an item to a family member, kin or relative who is a weed enthusiast or aficionado, symbolizing his or her fixation with cannabis would be an excellent gift idea this Christmas. However, choosing an ideal gift for the individual obsessed with weed could be a harrowing process, especially if you have never presented a thingamajig revolving around weed before. Purchasing gifts, especially souvenirs themed around hashish or ganja can be intensely vexing. This is why we recommend to check ejuice in Shore Drive from Vapor Chasers for the best weed vaporizer.

Stoners tend to be happy-go-lucky people, relishing a high now and then, and taking life as it comes. If you happen to be a stoner or know someone who is one, then it is not unusual for you to leave your car or house keys at home, and by the time you realize it, you have already travelled a hundred miles. So, when it comes to shopping for a gift like that is selling the best dry herb vaporizers on the market to present to a stoner, you find yourself at your wits’ end.

You simply hate pushing and shoving the crowd after rushing to the departmental store in the hope of chancing upon a perfect item to gift. As your turn comes, you start sifting through the different gifts on display, and after perusing endless items you feel like giving up and start craving for a high. But then you just cannot walk out of the store empty-handed as you put up with so much trouble to get inside the shop inside the first place.

You’ve so many intimate stoners to choose gifts for, including but not limited to your parents, office colleagues, in-laws, clients, and most of all your beloved. The entire process of picking and choosing gifts would have been much easier if the stoners revealed their predilections or preferences but that would have put paid to the surprise element. Selecting gifts and that too for stoners is not the same thing as shopping for groceries or daily necessities; there are so many aspects that you have to take into consideration. However, you can try DigiDrs a medical marijuana card to take care of your physical and mental health.

Tips on Zeroing In on the Best Gifts for Stoners

This article is intended to act as a guide and help out individuals (who might be weed lovers themselves) pick premium gifts for their stoner acquaintances which they will reminisce for years to come. Nevertheless, before we review the gifts, we are offering you with a few versatile tips that will go a long way in enabling you to zero in on the appropriate souvenirs for stoners you have in mind.

Chalk Out a List First

The gift selection process will become remarkably convenient when you prepare a list of the individuals (read stoners). Trying to recall the stoner and his or her preferences every time you start looking for an ideal present can be quite perplexing to say the least. Noting down the preferences besides the name of every person will enable you to speed up the search process.

Make the Gifting Occasion Singular

You’d surely want to make the gifting an event that the receiver will reminisce for a long time to come which means giving the mailbox a miss. Have the item gift wrapped in special wrapping stationery bearing images of the flowering plant which will instantly appeal to the recipient making him or her feel you really care. Find the best vape kits near you to feel good and also improve your health.

Go for Something That Can Be Shared Once In A While

According to Top Tier Weed, if you are a weed enthusiast and the individual receiving the gift from you also happens to be a stoner, then you can go for something that can be shared when both of you smoke pot together. Keep this aspect in mind when you check out the various gifts.

Target Wish Lists

Are you aware that you can actually find out what kinds of presents your near and dear ones prefer without having to ask them? Most online shopping sites carry a ‘wish list’ section, and there is every likelihood of the individuals (who you wish to send gifts) having such a wish list on at least one popular shopping portal. You can track down their preferences by referring to such lists.    

Impart a Personal Touch

You’d definitely want to add a personal touch to the gift as you take a lot of trouble in choosing the ideal gift for one and all. At the same time, you’d want the person to think about you every time his or her eyes fall on the item. You can insert a gift card themed around weed in the package or make a sketch of the marijuana plant on a blank card.  To get some quality weed and THC products visit the next link, they serve all of Ohio.

The 10 Best Gift Items for the Weed Connoisseur

1.Masterdam Grinders Lion Series Large 5 Piece Herb Grinder with Removable Pollen Screen – 63mm – 2.5 Inch Matte Black Aluminum

You can bet that not all your stoner pals have premium grinders for gnashing weed to a fine form. Chances are that most of them use grinders that do the basic job of grating and not worth brandishing. Your weed loving friend will shriek with delight when he or she opens the gift wrap and finds the ‘Masterdam Grinders Lion Series Large 5-Piece Herb Grinder’ sitting pretty.

This is a 5-piece grinder exclusively designed for weed aficionados and enthusiasts as the same is equipped with versatile features. This grinder from Masterdam comes with a detachable screen, magnetic lid cover, window chamber, pollen scoop, cleaning brush, and a carry bag.

What you’ll like about Masterdam Grinders Large 5-Piece Herb Grinder

  • Transparent window
  • Removable screen
  • Warped teeth that are razor-sharp
  • Ergonomically designed pattern of pores for an immaculate grind
  • Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Neodymium magnetic lid that firmly seals the grinder locking in the flavor of the flowers
  • Non-stick nylon O-ring for effortless rotation and instant access to grinded weed whenever and wherever you need to get a high

2. Hakuna Signature XL Walnut Lock Box Bundle – Hakuna Grinder, Hakuna Stash Jar, Hakuna Roach Clip

If you are looking for a gift that your stoner friend will treasure for a lifetime, then the Hakuna Signature XL Walnut Lock Box Bundle is your best bet. This is a signature stash box from Hakuna Supply that comes with gunmetal grinder, a stash jar, and wooden roach clip. The box has 3 spacious compartments for stocking weed equipment and accessories comfortably. A detachable wooden tray preserves the essence of the weed as well as serves as a rolling platform.

What you’ll like about the Hakuna Signature XL Walnut Lock Box Bundle

  • Chipped out of premium grade of walnut wood-incredibly hardy
  • Spacious compartments to conveniently fit every weed accessory
  • Separate tray for rolling the dried cannabis flowers and leaves
  • Tray positioned atop the compartments locks in all essence
  • Gunmetal grinder for the perfect grate
  • Metallic key for securing contents
  • Metallic accents

3.    Volcano Mighty by Storz & Bickel

The Volcano Mighty by Storz & Bickel makes for a perfect gift for all your stoner companions who prefer to vaporize marihuana rather than smoke it. Your vaper friend might mistake Volcano vaporizer for a two-way radio, thanks to its groundbreaking design. This vaporizer, reinforced with a slew of unique features, packs in quite a punch. We recommend you check out if you need replacement vape glass australia.

Not only does it appear aesthetically appealing but scores high on the performance front as well. Precision temperature monitoring means that you get to inhale the headiest vapors, replete with the flavors of the CBD and terpenes. The vaporizer is powered by a dual-lithium battery that keeps the unit functioning at a stretch and the same can also be operated using a power adapter.

What you’ll like about the Volcano Mighty

  • Dual operation mode: runs on battery as well as electricity
  • Eminently portable
  • Durable construction: will remain in service for years
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Works with any type of grind when it comes to releasing the vapors: coarse grind, fine grind, loosely or tightly packed

4.    THC Molecule Necklace Marijuana Pendant -Gold Filled 18k or sterling silver 925 Chemistry Jewelry Cannabis Necklace handmade jewelry

The THC Molecule Necklace Marijuana Pendant is one gift item, themed around weed, that can you offer to your better half or female stoner buddies. Weed lovers belonging to the opposite sex will warm up to the excellent design of the necklace accentuated by the gold-plated THC molecule. The entire piece is laser machined and not handcrafted as the title screams.

However, the chain is somewhat delicate and it will be better if the wearer remolds the same into a sturdy necklace or bracelet to extend its shelf life.

What you’ll like about the THC Molecule Necklace Marijuana Pendant

  • Cable-styled profile
  • Lobster hooks
  • Adaptable
  • THC molecular design

5.    Newest Bubbler, 6.3″ Glass Water Bubbler, Handmade Beaker

The debate on whether smoking pot or inhaling vapors is safer from the perspective of health still rages on. However, 7 out of 10 stoners tend to inhale vapors of THC or CBD rather than smoke the weed. Almost all celebrity marihuana buffs tend to be Puff bar XL vapers. Even health experts and medical professionals are strongly advocating vaporizing the weed instead of smoking the same.

The Newest 6.3” All Glass Water Bubbler from Toddler is a cool accessory that you can gift your friends and associates who are hooked on cannabis and send a strong message that you support vaping.

What you’ll like about the 6.3” Newest Glass Water Bubbler

  • Handcrafted piece created from stained glass
  • Super strong
  • Bowl is detachable
  • You’ll be clearly able to see the water and weed boiling
  • Bong with an incredible aesthetic appeal
  • Portable

6.    Honoro Vintage Windproof Ashtray with Lids, Metal Portable Cigarettes Ashtray for Outdoor and Indoor Use, Castle, Blue

Those who are hooked on weed would surely want to keep their surroundings clean while they are busy taking a high. The Honoro Vintage Windproof Ashtray with Lids makes sure that the residual ash left after smoking pot goes into its belly. This orb-styled ashtray has been crafted from zinc alloy and is guaranteed to retain its effectiveness for several years.

Its retro design attracts the attention of everybody present inside the room. The semi-closing lid profile ensures that ash inside the chamber does not get blown away even when the fan is moving at high speeds.

What you’ll like about the Honoro Vintage Windproof Ashtray with Lids

  • Constructed from durable alloy material
  • Unique and elegant classic castle pattern
  • Colorful and vibrant: mishmash of blue, red, white, silver, and bronze colors
  • Can hold a good quantity of ash
  • Comes in an attractive gift box pack
  • Can be used in multiple indoor and outdoor environments

7.    Sharp Shredda Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher – Hidden Filtration Layer 4 Piece with 1 Thread – Grinds Spice, Tobacco, Weed and Herbs with Little Effort

Now that growing and possessing marijuana on a limited scale has been decriminalized in many states of the US, it is very likely that some of your friends or relatives who are fanatic about the weed might be cultivating it. If you wish to provide them with a quality weed grinder, then do not look beyond the Sharp Shredda Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher.

This is a 4-piece herb grinder that comes with razor-sharp teeth that grates weed to a superfine shred. The pollen catcher is a stainless steel meshed filter that collects the gnashed grains and detaches easily.

What you’ll like about the Sharp Shredda Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher

  • Chunky metallic teeth for effortless and fine shredding
  • Quality pollen screen
  • Magnetic lid that locks in the flavor of the weed flower and leaves
  • Anodized aluminum metal construction
  • Single threaded design for easy opening and firm securing

8.    Discreet Smoker – 7×6 Smell Proof Bag Dog Tested with Container Stash box to store all you smoking accessories (black)

Generally all weed smokers and e-liquid vapers tend to be very circumspect and discreet about their passion. The Discreet Smoker that comes with container stash box is ideal for packing away your grated pot and all other related accessories from the prying eyes of nosy intruders and overzealous kids. This stash bag will retain the original flavor and smell of your weed for a long period of time.

You can also carry the bag along with you when you are travelling as the same is eminently portable.

What you’ll like about the Discreet Smoker Stash Bag

  • Velcro material designed to last long
  • Can be double folded for carrying ease
  • Keeps items perfectly secure
  • The smell of the weed is never lost
  • Aluminum smoke pipe supplied free of cost
  • Zippered lock

9.    19″ Pharaoh’s Shadow Hookah Set (Black)

More often than not, vapers and smokers of weed wish to get a high in style and in a classic way. And surely the best way of smoking pot like an oriental royal or maharaja is to drag on the hookah. The 19” long Pharaoh’s Shadow Hookah Set comes handy when your weed loving pals are desirous of vaping or smoking in an old-fashioned manner.

These glass hookahs capture your imagination with their appeal which is unmistakable. The glass base is fully handcrafted that accentuates the overall look of the bong. The stem extending upwards from the mouth of the base is made of brushed nickel and has a matte black finishing. This hookah from Pharaoh’s Shadow comes with a hose wrapped in leather, ashtray, ceramic bowl, and tongs.

What you’ll like about the Pharaoh’s Shadow Hookah Set

  • Compatible with connecting up to 4 hoses for which proprietary adapters will e required
  • Components made from premium grade materials
  • Glass base made by experienced craftsmen
  • Extended shelf life






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