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5 Best BMX Bikes

Redline PL 26 BMX Cruiser Bike

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What is a BMX Bike?

A bicycle that is designed for exclusive use in motocross sport events and competition is known as a BMX bike. Motocross cycling started as a fad in the US sometime in the 1970s but soon evolved into a full-fledged sport. The earliest models of BMX bikes were largely used as training tandems by youngsters who were eager to graduate to off-road motorcycling. As the terminology makes it crystal clear, BMX bikes are chiefly used for performing daredevil stunts, freewheeling, and off-roading. The term or word ‘BMX’ stands for bicycle motocross. Whether you ride a bicycle for leisure, exercise, or as your primary mode of transportation, it’s important that you’re aware of the common causes of bicycle accidents.

The Honda Helix for sale is now available in the United States. The powerful motorcycle was built for riders who enjoy riding strong, but also comfortable machinery. This powerful machine has been designed with the needs of today’s rider in mind. It has been engineered so that the body is well protected when a rider is involved in an accident. It’s safe to ride and it makes a great daily driver.

Initially, a BMX bike was particularly used for motocross racing but with passage of time the terminology underwent a change in meaning, and nowadays all or any type of racing bike maybe defined as BMX bicycle. However, the ebike we used was the 806 folding Electric Bike from that is amazingly smooth and fast.

Advantages of Using BMX Bikes

BMX bikes come perfectly handy for those with a penchant for freewheeling and racing, especially youngsters. Not only is a BMX bicycle robustly engineered but handling and maintaining it is easy as well, largely because this type of bike features a drivetrain with a single-speed gear. Riding a BMX bike offers numerous benefits some of which are underlined below:-

  • Keeps riders in the pink of health-In order to take full advantage of a BMX bike, the cyclist needs to be physical fit and active. Using such a bike for freewheeling in different settings and environments can be challenging as well as physically demanding and can take a toll on the rider’s health if he is not in shape. Cycling on a BMX bike works up and stimulates the cardiovascular system and helps in torching calories thereby preventing you from becoming obese.

Aggressive pedaling of BMX bikes tones up the muscles, tissues, and cartilages in the lower extremities. For doing daredevil stunts and acrobatic tricks, the biker has to control the handlebars with unusual deftness which eventually leads to toning up of the muscles in his arms, particularly the triceps and biceps.

  • An excellent way to socialize and network-BMX riders usually participate in motocross competitions, freewheeling contests, and racing meets where they showcase their skills. Consequently, they interact and socialize with like-minded individuals who share a passion for sports biking and go on to form professional BMX teams.
  • Entertaining and amusing-Attempting to perform feats and stunts using a BMX, apart from being challenging, can also be intensely exhilarating.


The Disadvantages


  • Cannot be used for daily commutes
  • Not ideal for riding on unpaved tracks or mountainous paths
  • Not suitable for riding comfortably by positioning oneself on the saddle


Essential Gears in a BMX Bike


  • Frames-BMX bikes designed largely for racing have aluminum frames that offer manufacturers the leeway to attach large tubes without making the structure too hefty. These bikes also house a broad wheelbase for fitting large and thick tires that aid in maintaining stability while racing. On the other hand, freestyle BMX bikes come equipped with frames forged out of steel and premium models feature chromoly frames.
  • Forks-Forks in BMX bikes serve as shock absorbers helping to dampen vibrations and impacts, just like suspension systems in other types of bikes. Cheap BMX bikes sport forks crafted out of high tensile steel whereas the higher priced models have forks made out of carbon fiber and the topnotch ones use 4130 chromoly.
  • Wheel rims and tires-Wheels in standard BMX bike models usually have dual walled rims which house an alloyed bearing hub with 36 holes and an axle. The tires tend to be knobby with rut and groove patterns that helping in gripping the surface with firmness. The front tire is broader compared to the rear which ultimately facilitates better handling and smoother acceleration.
  • Brakes-BMX bikes designed and built to be pedaled on race tracks feature only one linear V-brake tethered to the rear wheel. Alternatively, BMX bicycles made for freewheeling have brakes both in the front and back wheels.
  • Drivetrain-Drivetrains of BMX bicycles normally feature a single speed gear along with one, two or three-piece crank set.


Redline PL 26  BMX Cruiser BikeRedline PL 26 BMX Cruiser Bike
See Price
Mongoose Legion L100 20" Wheel BicycleMongoose Legion L100 20" Wheel Bicycle
See Price
Diamondback Bicycles Grind BMX Bike, Matte Black, One SizeDiamondback Bicycles Grind BMX Bike, Matte Black, One Size
See Price
Sapient Titan BMX BikeSapient Titan BMX BikeSee Price
SE Bikes Everyday 20" BMX Bike – 2016SE Bikes Everyday 20" BMX Bike – 2016
See Price

1. Redline PL 26 BMX Cruiser Bike

Redline PL 26 BMX Cruiser Bike
The Redline PL 26 BMX Cruiser Bike comes with an immaculate frame geometry making the bicycle ideal for youngsters aged 13 years and older as well as for riders 5’ tall and taller. The frame has been chipped out of chrome alloy and has a bottom bracket with incorporated head tube for offering steady support to cyclists with different sizes and heights. The suspension fork, also made from chrome alloy is effective in dampening vibrations and aftershocks.


  • Sturdy frame and fork fabricated from chrome alloy for steady and comfortable biking
  • The retro design with advanced features come handy for freewheeling
  • The aluminum double walled wheel rims and hubs enable the bike to be ridden for extended periods
  • Flip flop hub for altering cogs at the rear end
  • Linear V-brakes for coming to a stop instantly


  • The toes can get entangled in the pedals
  • The V-brakes are somewhat stiff

2. Mongoose Legion L100 20″ Wheel Bicycle

Mongoose Legion L100 20" Wheel Bicycle
The Mongoose Legion L100 20” Wheel Bicycle can be included under the category of cheap BMX bikes but is loaded with some versatile features. For instance, it boasts of a 4130 chrome alloy frame connected to contoured chromoly handlebars and forks, ideal for BMX cycling. The double walled alloyed wheel rims housing 36 spokes keep the 2.4 inch thick wheels firmly in place resulting in smooth riding.


  • The lightweight and aerodynamic design is ideal for extreme BMX riding
  • The frame, handlebar, fork, and drivetrain are made of hardy material that keeps the bike in service for years
  • Ergonomically designed frame, saddle, handlebar and fork keeps the cyclist steady during freewheeling
  • 25 x 9T gear set along with 3-piece chrome cranks and cassette driver tethered to an 8-slat spindle facilitates momentum
  • The saddle is smooth and wide which allows the biker to sit stably


  • The rivet underneath the saddle is prone to coming loose
  • The seat should have been fixed a little higher

3. Diamondback Bicycles Grind BMX Bike, Matte Black, One Size

Diamondback Bicycles Grind BMX Bike, Matte Black, One Size
Gift your little one the Diamondback Bicycle Grind BMX Bike and he’ll be grateful to you for a lifetime. This Diamondback Grind BMX is budget-friendly and surely counts as one of the cheapest amongst cheap BMX bikes. The frame, fork, and the handlebar all have been forged out of steel with a high tensile strength which implies that this BMX bike model can withstand rough handling and yet stay in shape for freewheeling.


  • The frame, handlebar and fork components has been carved out of premium quality of steel making the bike hardy
  • The sturdy fork is extremely effective in checking vibrations and impacts
  • The hub brake at the rear works perfectly for crisp stops
  • Undulating handlebar transfers steadiness to the cyclist keeping him in the saddle during extreme acrobatic feats
  • The drivetrain features a single-speed shifter for easy handling


  • The sharp profile of the saddle could cause some amount of discomfort
  • Toes could get stuck in the gaps of pedals

4. Sapient Titan BMX Bike

Sapient Titan BMX Bike
Each and every segment and component of the Titan Bike from Sapient has been designed and built with meticulous care that makes it one of the most performance oriented BMX bikes. Starting from the frame to the fork and from the headset to the sprockets, every part contributes towards enabling the cyclist to perform daredevil freewheeling and feats in the air. The top tube is 22.7” long and ergonomically angled for stable positioning.


  • The frame has been fabricated from HiTen steel giving the bike an incredible durability
  • The fork and handlebar too has been carved out of HiTen steel
  • The threaded headset is of shrapnel material
  • Single gear drivetrain for convenient coasting
  • The alloy U-brakes facilitate good control of the bike letting the cyclist bring it to a stop immediately
  • The tires are thick and wide with tread patterns that help in good grip


  • The pedals are very flimsy
  • The openings in the pedals can cause the toe to get stuck

5. SE Bikes Everyday 20″ BMX Bike – 2016

SE Bikes Everyday 20" BMX Bike – 2016
SE Bikes are established manufacturer of premium quality BMX bikes and this Everyday 20” Bike is a perfect instance of the high level of craftsmanship that the company has attained. The Everyday 20” bike sports a high tensile frame and fork chiseled out of steel yet is remarkably lightweight at 25.2 pounds for a BMX bike. 3-piece cranks made of chromoly and single gear drivetrain are ideal for BMX biking.


  • The frame and fork made out of a single piece of highly ductile steel tube imparts hardiness to the bike
  • Advanced tubing technology used for fabrication keeps the bike lightweight
  • 3-part chromoly crank are lighter yet incredibly robust
  • The saddle is padded for keeping the butt stress free during extreme rides
  • The flexible nylon pedals help in steering the bike according to one’s convenience


  • Entry-level BMX bike suitable those who are new to BMX riding


A BMX bicycle happens to be a special type of bike that is manufactured particularly for freewheeling and speeding on BMX race tracks. Of the 5 BMX bikes taken up for review, the Redline and Mongoose models stood out because of their superior design and built. Though a majority of riders may not be familiar with Sapient and SE Bikes, their products were found to be remarkably performance oriented. The Diamondback model was the most affordable costing under US$220 but did not compromise on the basic features.

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