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How to open a gun safe?

Gun Safe Accesories

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A gun safe is a secure container which can be used to store firearms like revolvers, pistols, guns and cartridges. These safes are used to prevent any access to individuals who are not entitled to do so. Some gun safes also provide additional features of housing valuable items like jewellery and important documents. These days with the incorporation of the latest in technology gun safes include various security features like digital locking, combination lock, fire protection, fingerprint identification etc. In order to improve upon the security quotient, some safes use live blocking bolt technology and metals which are very strong like steel so as to block unauthorized access.
In large corporations there are vault doors which are basically walk in gun safes. These strong rooms are sometimes used for storing huge amounts of currencies, precious metals, classified materials etc. These rooms are also used as a place to go to in case of natural calamities like earthquakes, floods or fire. Equally there are gun safes which are designed so as to be camouflaged and not be very noticeable. False walls or false cabinets can be very conveniently used to house a gun safe.

Some gun safe’s and their mode of opening

Many researchers have found that top of the line gun safes available can be opened by paper clips, straws and even in some extreme cases just by giving it a vigorous shake. In certain cases persistent fiddling with the door knob was enough incentive to open the safe. Some particular cases are discussed below.

Electronic Gun Safes

The electronic safe can be quite easily opened. When the panel is removed to change batteries or to get access to a bypass key lock, a hole in the internal framework of the safe gets exposed. Here if a paperclip is inserted, which is bent into an “L” shape the opening of the safe becomes easy by turning the paperclip and grabbing the release. A couple of tries later the safe easily opens up.

Combination Gun Safes

The seller provides a default combination when one purchases the same. Usually it is a combination of 3 or 6 separate numbers. Now after you have the safe with you, you need to place the hand on the mechanical dial and turn it towards the left while aligning the 1st number in a vertical line. This needs to look like a 12 o’clock position after covering 4 turns. Next, turn the dial to the right and align the 2nd number in the combination over the vertical line in a 12’co clock position after 3 rotations. Next, turn the third number twice and form a 12’ clock position that aligns in a vertical line with the other two numbers. Follow this up by spinning the dial slowly towards the right till it stops. Lastly, turn the handle of the safe to its left and pull the door. After you have the combinations right, the door will open quite smoothly after performing the above steps.

Biometric Gun Safes

Unlocking this safe is pretty easy as it uses the fingerprint of the user. The conventional safes have used combinations and pass-codes for opening the safes but it is a biometric gun safe that uses fingerprints reducing the risks of unauthorized access a virtually impossible task. It is believed that only 2 in a 64 million people have matching fingerprints. Thus it is virtually impossible for any unknown person to open this gun safe without the fingerprint of the main user.

Some generic troubleshooting tips

A gun safe is basically an appliance which we have in the house just like a Television, Refrigerator, Vaccum Cleaner etc and just like all appliances a gun safe can function best when its proper care is taken. Below are some of the generic guidelines which can ensure the proper functioning of gun safes without springing any surprises.

Regular servicing

It is always advisable to see to it that the safe is serviced once every year or at least once every two years. Get hold of the best possible safe technician in your home town who can take care of the servicing at short notice and whenever required. The locking system is the most vital part and should be checked by the technician with due attention. Also, it is better to avail of the Lifetime Warranty offer if that is available as it saves a great deal of unnecessary trouble.


Just like any other appliance a gun safe needs to be cleaned regularly. Be it a Television or a computer all appliances tend to show symptoms of malfunction after dust starts accumulating on them. Similar is the case with gun safes, dust when once settles in important parts begins to make the locking mechanism sticky which eventually becomes ineffective in the long run thus causing irreparable damage to the safe. This is obviously preventable and this can be done by first vacuuming out the interior. The bolts should be properly cleaned using soft cotton material and water. Also oil should be applied to keep the levers and movable parts revolving smoothly.


A gun safe is no longer a luxury but almost a necessity in today’s insecure times. All it takes is a high adrenaline junkie to barge into a house and create havoc. This is good enough to shatter the safe nest which one has so carefully built over the years. Keeping all these scenarios in mind a gun safe is a way out to prevent unnecessary and unwanted harm. Also it is very important to prevent access to a gun safe from children as accidents do happen. Following are the points which should be kept in mind while purchasing a gun safe.

  • Purchase a safe which offers fire resistance.
  • Purchase a safe which is slightly bigger than your needs.
  • Carefully decide on the safe’s specifications.
  • Check what the manufacturers of the safe have to offer against tampering.
  • Check out all possible brands before zeroing on the brand of your choice.

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