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Security & Surveillance

LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10585 24 Gun Safe Door Panel

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Safes are boxes which are used to keep valuables secured away from prying eyes. In general, safes can broadly be classified into two categories, one that is fixed to a wall/floor and the other that is and can be carried around. Whatever their position, they have to serve the all important objective which is to store items of value. A safe is usually cast from metals like steel so as to make it robust and impregnable.
The Liberty Safe & Security Prod is a gun safe which can be used to store firearms as well as precious items. Gun safes, primarily are used to restrict unauthorized access to the confidential or valuable material. In some cases, gun safes are used to protect the contents from natural calamities like fire or flood. There are many places where the law of the land necessitates access prevention for which it becomes almost mandatory to possess a gun safe.


The Gun Safe Door Panel has been designed in such a fashion that it can be attached to the inside of a safe or a door panel. Generally, safes are places where firearms are rarely stored. It is in extreme situations that one needs the use of firearms to protect the contents of the safe. In order to solve this problem, the Safe Door came up the inventive idea of integrating a safe and a gun safe together. The product when received by the customer can be very easily installed using clips which can be fastened onto the insides of the door of the safe. This becomes an addition to the existing safe enlarging its usage and also serves the all important need for storing firearms.

Exhaustive space

While designing this safe, the design team kept things simple and yet have accomplished the enviable task of providing enough storage space. There are enough pockets that provide the scope of storage of specific items in addition to the space reserved for the guns.

Pistol Pockets

There are four pockets in the safe which have been designed exclusively for pistols. These ensure quick and fast access to handguns and pistols.

Mesh Storage Pockets

For storing valuables like jewelry and loose valuables mesh pockets are available. These hold the commodities in their proper place.

Zip Pocket

Zip pockets are in place for storing things which are not in frequent use.

Gun storage

An area is clearly demarcated which is used for storing guns. The size of the compartment is such that more than a single gun can be placed in it in standing position.


The need for safes arose when providing round the clock security to valuable items became the primary concern. As the Gun Safe is housed inside an existing safe which is almost impossible to break in, security factor is automatically addressed.

Fire protection

Separate cool pocket document protectors are present which keep documents and valuables up to 50 degrees cooler during the fire.


Since the time the product has been introduced in the market, it has made a name for itself for its durability and resilience.


All necessary hardware for mounting the panel to the door of the safe comes with the package received by the customer as a part of the unit and can be easily installed. Installation is in fact done in a matter of minutes by just plugging on the clips to the inside walls of the safe. This ease of use is amongst the manifold reasons for the overgrowing popularity of the product.


  • Part Number 10585
  • Item Weight 2.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 20 x 16 x 12 inches
  • Item model number 10585
  • Size 18″ W x 49″ L
  • Color Black
  • Material Nylon
  • Item Package
  • Quantity 1
  • Batteries Included No
  • Batteries Required No


  • Easy to install
  • Spacious interior which can be used to keep separate items in their compartments
  • Pockets with zip facility to keep valuables like documents in place
  • Important documents can be protected from fire because of Cool Pocket technology
  • Comes with fire protection
  • Can be attached to Fabric covered door panel on the safe thanks to the included mounting brackets


  • Gun clip pockets are a little small

How does the product serve your needs?

The Liberty Gun Safe is the perfect answer to those who have been searching for an easy to use a gun safe. It’s USP is that there is no need to buy another safe and can be latched onto an already existing safe. Since it becomes a part of a safe the paramount concern of security is already addressed. Also, important valuables like jewelry and documents can be kept alongside firearms. The important issue of the gun safe eating up space is taken care of as it is placed inside the safe and does not take away any extra room.

How is the product different from that of its competitors?

Irrespective of the different gun safes in the market place what differentiates it from its nearest competitors like American Security Model 13 door organizer is the brand and services offered by Dean Safe Company. The products offered by both of them are very near to each other in terms of technology and service. The area where the Liberty Safe & Security Prod scores are in terms of value with respect to money and the durability of the product. These two factors ensure that even though being very closely placed together it just pips the American Security Model 13 door organizer behind while the final decision is being made.


All the factors being considered and taken into account the Liberty Safe & Security Prod is a good enough product amongst some of the popular gun safes available in the market. It does offer great value for money and coming from the brand of Dean Safe Company makes it a reliable product. Lastly, it has been featured in the affordable category of safes available in the market.

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