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5 Best Road Bikes

Scott Solace 20 Compact Ultegra Bike

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What is a Road Bike?

Cycling has always been an effective, energy-efficient, and affordable means of getting from one place to another. No wonder then that bicycles continue to be used extensively by millions of people around the world for daily commutes, maintaining health, and for participating in sporting meets. Though there are nearly 18 distinct types or categories of bikes, 3 kinds of bicycles are used heavily all over the world-road bike, mountain bike, and hybrid bike.

Talking about road bikes, these are usually classified under two broad sub-categories-endurance bikes and racing bikes. Racing bikes are designed aerodynamically that allows the cyclist to crouch forward or bend backwards as and when necessary for minimizing wind resistance while riding. On the other hand, endurance bikes are equipped with a drivetrain, handlebar, and seat that enable the bicyclist to remain upright and steady, especially on long rides without compromising on stability.

Benefits of Using a Road Bike

A road bike is specifically designed with a single objective and that is the cyclist should be able to cruise as well as should feel comfortable riding the two-wheeled bike. The frameworks of road bikes are fabricated using lightweight materials, like carbon fiber or aluminum and the tires tend to be slim, lightweight, and wide with tread patterns that checks friction, particularly on metalled roads. The rider is able to position himself on the seat in such a manner so that greater force is transferred to the legs for dynamic pedaling.

Following are some of the distinct benefits that you get from riding best road bikes:-

  • Extremely Comfortable-The ergonomic design of a road bike makes sure that you are at ease as long as you are riding it
  • Effective in nullifying the impacts from road bumps and potholes-the best road bikes are outfitted with suspension system either at the back or front that enables them to absorb the effects of an impact or shock when the tires pass through bumpers and roadblocks
  • Efficient parts and gears-Road bikes are assembled from parts that help in gear shifting with ease which ultimately prolongs their product life cycle
  • Lightweight and compact-Road bikes generally happen to be less bulky than men’s mountain bike or a hybrid bike. The lighter the frame, wheels, drivetrain, handlebar, and other components, the more lightweight a road bike.
  • Easy to repair and supremely serviceable-Road bikes usually come with components that are easily serviceable as well as replaceable. Nevertheless, whether you’ll be able to repair a road bike or replace a defunct or dysfunctional component will depend upon the brand you’re using.
  • The Drawbacks

  • Not designed for riding on unpaved or mountainous paths-The frame of a road bike may be robust enough for riding speedily on paved roads, tarmacs, and neighborhood parks but not for pedaling on a muddy track or mountainous trail
  • The profile or structure can make riding uncomfortable-Majority of road bicycles have a drivetrain and seat that is ideal for cruising. This feature is both an advantage and disadvantage as you may be able to pedal speedily but the riding position could sometimes hurt the inside of your thighs and buttocks.
  • Not suitable for taking casual rides-The gear arrangement of road bikes makes them unsuitable for casual or relaxed ridings
  • Scott Solace 20 Compact Ultegra BikeScott Solace 20 Compact Ultegra BikeSee Price
    Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men's Road Bike 700c Wheels, 56CM FrameSchwinn Phocus 1600 Men's Road Bike 700c Wheels, 56CM Frame
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    Tomasso Emola Compact Aluminum Road BikeTomasso Emola Compact Aluminum Road Bike
    See Price
    OPATER Racing Road Bike 26″ 24 Speed 700c Heavy Duty Construction Carbon Steel Frame Aluminum Alloy with Hardy Bicycle AccessoriesOPATER Racing Road Bike 26″ 24 Speed 700c Heavy Duty Construction Carbon Steel Frame Aluminum Alloy with Hardy Bicycle Accessories
    See Price
    Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike-700cGiordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike-700c
    See Price

    1. Scott Solace 20 Compact Ultegra Bike

    Scott Solace 20 Compact Ultegra Bike
    The Scott Solace 20 Compact Ultegra Bike is a performance-oriented road bike featuring a carbon fiber frame and Shimano Ultegra 50/34 gear ratio designed for riding comfortably even at high speeds. The Scott Solace 20 Compact Ultegra is relatively lightweight weighing about 7.66kgs and comes with wheels that having alloyed clinchers, wide rim, minimal spokes, and Shimano Ultegra brakes. The stem, seat post, and saddle built by Syncros allow the rider to seat stably without sacrificing comfortableness while cruising.


    • Dual zone carbon fiber framing makes this road bike lightweight as well as robust
    • The structure of the frame, drivetrain, handlebar, and seat makes for stable seating and comfortable riding
    • Seamless pairing of the Shimano Ultegra 50/34 compact crankset with 11-32 rear cogs offers you the precise gearing for pedaling on flat terrains and also on steep inclines
    • Syncros RP2.0 wheels outfitted with Schwalbe Durano tires transfers the right degree of friction on different surfaces


    • The heaviness of the handlebar shaped out of alloyed materials can result in vibrations when pedaling with speed

    2. Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike 700c Wheels, 56CM Frame

    Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men's Road Bike 700c Wheels, 56CM Frame
    Schwinn is a well-known manufacturer admired by bicyclists the world over as it regularly comes out with high quality road bikes. The 1600 Men’s Road Bike 700c Wheels, 56 cm frame is a shining embodiment of the high level of craftsmanship achieved by Schwinn. These road bikes for sale have aluminum road frames with forks chiseled out of carbon fiber.
    This road bike features a Shimano Claris 16-speed gear incorporated with Micro shift brake lever system. The dual pivot brakes made of Promax alloy provides excellent braking force.


    • Ideal road bike for commuting to nearby destinations and for working out
    • Framework chipped out of proprietary aluminum makes the bike lightweight and flexible
    • The fork of the bicycle made from carbon fiber offers stability and momentum during rides
    • The 14-speed Shimano derailleur system facilitates swift shifting of gears while you move from a paved road to a jagged track


    • The tubes are not as hardy as claimed as has been claimed by the manufacturer
    • The factory setting can make assembling all the parts, especially the kickstand and the gooseneck somewhat difficult

    3. Tomasso Emola Compact Aluminum Road Bike

    Tomasso Emola Compact Aluminum Road Bike
    If you’re looking for a road bike that’ll remain in effective service for years on end, go for the Tomasso Emola Compact Aluminum bike. This bicycle comes with a compact chassis made from aluminum and a road fork chipped out of SST steel. The drivetrain is made up of 12 x 25T Claris cassette, Shimano 30/39/50T Claris crankset, and 3 x 8 Shimano Claris groupset. The immaculate frame geometry together with the TRS ultra light handlebars enables you to pedal effectively and ride comfortably.


    • The bike parts work in perfect coordination owing to the Shimano Claris drivetrain
    • The Shimano 24-speed groupset allows quick changing of gears letting you ride smoothly on different terrains
    • The superlight and compact handlebar comes handy for tacking wind resistance when the rider needs to pedal faster and cover a long distance
    • Fenders and racks drilled into the framework makes the road bike extremely versatile enabling it to be used by all kinds of riders


    • The wheels are not perfectly round which makes them somewhat wobbly

    4. OPATER Racing Road Bike 26″ 24 Speed 700c Heavy Duty Construction Carbon Steel Frame Aluminum Alloy with Hardy Bicycle Accessories

    OPATER Racing Road Bike 26″ 24 Speed 700c Heavy Duty Construction Carbon Steel Frame Aluminum Alloy with Hardy Bicycle Accessories
    The OPATER Racing Road Bike offers good value for money as it features a hardwearing carbon steel frame and a fork shaped out of aluminum alloy. The tires are fully anti-skid which offers good tread when riding on a range of road surfaces. The bicycle boasts of a 24-speed gear groupset which offers you unparalleled cycling experience every time you take it out for a ride.


    • The entire frame of this OPATER road bike has been fabricated from high grade carbon steel which makes it incredibly durable
    • The aluminum alloy road fork offers the cyclist good grip as well as momentum during rides
    • The 700c x 23c tires have a tread pattern that minimizes skidding and friction
    • The mechanical disc brake enables the rider to come to a stop almost immediately even when riding at high speeds
    • The front and rear derailleur sprocket allow for cruising on both smooth and jagged terrains


    • The seat’s rear support is not robust enough
    • The fork for the front wheel is a tad warped

    5. Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike-700c

    Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike-700c
    The Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s road bike 700c perfectly combines drop dead looks with functionality. The frame has been handcrafted from lightweight 6061 aluminum and equipped with 16-speed derailleur and STI shifters that coordinate with 50/34 compact crank set the Giordano Libero climbs elevated tracks smoothly. The 700c aluminum wheels are perfectly round with tread patterns for checking friction and slips.


    • Very lightweight and compact bike making it convenient to ride
    • 6061 aluminum frame with removable derailleur hanger
    • Fork and headset made of high malleable steel which enables the rider to deal with wind resistance
    • Alloyed front and rear brakes allow the rider a good degree of control over the bicycle


    • The fender or protective cover for the chain ring is quite narrow and might rub off on the gears adversely affecting pedaling


    5 of the best road bikes were reviewed against a set of quality parameters like the frame structure, derailleur system, tire size and tread, handlebar construction, and so on. The Scott Solace 20 Ultegra road bike was found to be the best amongst the lot and accordingly was priced higher than the other models. The other road bikes-Schwinn Phocus, Tomasso Emola, OPATER, and Giordano Libero were also found to satisfy the basic criterions of a standard road bike.

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